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Seduction TRAP

Length: 26+ minutes
Category: Mind Control

I'm going to SEDUCE you, you will be HYPNOTICALLY stimulated and in complete subjugation to your Domina. I am the MASTER of HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION, this is something I do extremely well...erotic hypnosis and seduction, I am the EXPERT. you love to be at My disposal...suggestible, submissive, obedient...too weak to stop... Caught in My Trap, I’ll find your weakness, the one thing that makes you vulnerable and I’ll use it against you. Giggles... No point in sugar-coating it...this is what I am going to do to you, this is what you will allow Me to do. So get NAKED, put on your headphones and LISTEN, while I consume your mind.

Only: $30.00

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Chastity Offering-Option 2

Chastity Offering-Option 2

$20 Chastity Offerings are to be made twice a month for additional monthly interactions. It may include “surprise” monitoring of your Chastity... Requests for detailed reports on your activities and occasional tasks and teasing assignments to please your Princess. I want you feel the pleasure of My strict enforcement and control. I love you staying hard and horny for your Me. This is My way of caring for you with My love, attention and approval.

you do serve Me through your Chastity and obedience and O/our relationship strengthens when I pay closer attention to your Chastity. My goal is to provide you with a more intense sense of submission and enslavement..... You may also seek MY permission for release....and to hear directly from your Mistress when it is time to C*m for ME. I will decide if you release, LIVE TALK, chat or email.

$20 Chastity Offering may be allowed once a month, if more financially feasible, with My approval.

Price: $20.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Chastity Offering-Option 2