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The Experiment--Study IV

BRAINWASHING HYPNOSIS --- Study IV, the most extreme.

As I plan My final two parts in this study, I feel WICKED...dangerously playing with your a mad scientist. ***GIGGLES***
The layers of complexity in this session are mind-boggling.
The effects deepening! your mind changing, reforming...obsession and addiction growing. Oh, what have I done...
I MANIPULATE your sleep and wake, CONFUSED, AROUSED...feeling more PLEASURE than ever before.

Only one STUDY left after Study 4----each must be listened to at least 3 times.
OBEY MY every command in this experiment----EVEN if you are in CHASTITY---release if you are commanded. This is IMPORTANT!!!

Literally in trance eyes wide open reciting commands and blanking out while staring mindlessly at a corner of my room telling yourself you were not trancing. Like a puppet. Her puppet. There is supposed to be a barrier between when a person is awake and asleep in trance.

When you sleep, you know you are hypnotized, when you are awake, you know you are not. But with your Domina... that barrier doesn't exist anymore.

Only: $25.00

Sweet Dominating Femdom Hypnosis and Mind Control

Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to My website... your Hypnotic Princess. You will love surrendering to my Erotic Hypnosis. I discovered My desire and ability to control those around Me in my early teens. Erotic Hypnosis has allowed me to take My Control to the next level.

You will be mine, and I will guide you wherever I choose.

Femdom Hypnosis

Female Domination by a young Princess. New submissives are always surprised by the power of My sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to my MP3 recordings and live phone sessions.

I will slip in under your radar, softly and subtly replacing your thoughts with My words and My programming.

Hypnotic Princess Shelle

I am a certified hypnotist. I am sweet, sassy and sexy.

My area of erotic hypnosis is known as "soft domme", which means that I want to enjoy the experience with you, not at your expense-well of course it is partly at your expense!

Submit to My Sweet Domination

You will quickly find out how much I enjoy what I do---from my laughter (sometimes giggles), to my willingness to spend time getting to know you and your desires. Erotic hypnosis must be fun for me, or I will simply go and do something that is.

I hope you will join me on this ride. I will hypnotically own you and your mind, but we will both enjoy the experience and the journey-I promise.