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Gift of Love - $25

These tributes are to be used:
for a personal love contribution to your Mistress Owner,
as a sign of your service and devotion,
in thanks and appreciation for Owner’s love and attention.
as a sharing with Mistress of benefits you have received,
for having permissions granted,
for redemption from disobedience.

Only: $25.00

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Ice Queen - Destroyer Of Minds - you are destined for a lifetime of enslavement, serving Me forever... Ice Queen - Destroyer Of Minds $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Ice Queen - Destroyer Of Minds
Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination - Enter My Dark Room and let the velvety darkness of the deepest trance My hypnotic seduction strengthens our D/s bond... Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination
Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind - Hypnotized Lustful Persuasion---Let's get CONDITIONED Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind
Panty Raid - The Session - Be My XXX PANTY SLAVE and let Me work wonders with your mind and your c*ck ... Panty Raid - The Session $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Panty Raid - The Session
The Puppeteer - you will feel your Puppeteer's helpless, limp and controlled BY MY silky strands of strings... The Puppeteer $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - The Puppeteer
Chemical Sedation - Prepare yourself for a life altering experience and embrace the reality that I am in complete control of your mind, body and cock! Chemical Sedation $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Chemical Sedation
Managed Orgasm - JOI Assignment #1 - Managed Orgasm - Jerk-Off Instruction (JOI) Assignment #1 Managed Orgasm - JOI Assignment #1 $15.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Managed Orgasm - JOI Assignment #1
Paralysis-Carnal Desires - Listen and allow yourself to open up to your own CARNAL DESIRES... Paralysis-Carnal Desires $33.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Paralysis-Carnal Desires
Addiction is a Bitch - I love mind f*cking you, and progressively My control over you is becoming stronger and more pervasive. Addiction is a Bitch $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Addiction is a Bitch
Addiction Therapy - She is a SPECIALIST in the field of addiction... Addiction Therapy $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Addiction Therapy