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Tranceformation - Sex Toy

Length: 56 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control

Ohhh, As much as I love f*cking with your mind, reshaping the submissive you into an enthralled, subservient, and totally obedient slave, in the end you exist, utterly dependent on Me, a robotic sex toy...smooth and cold.

Becoming an object requires more than being just mindless and thoughtless, you also need to lose your identity of self, no control left as you TRANSFORM. you will be lost in selfless abandon to the carnal craving and lust of performing, being HARD and RIGID whenever this CONVERSION is requested. you will become a tool, an 'it', triggered to act as I desire, on command, and with blind obedience to pleasing and pleasuring Me and only Me.

Feel the tranceformation taking place, feel the changes in your mind and body.

This session is filled with POST HYPNOTIC SUBLIMINAL messages and POWERFUL TRIGGERS. A deep TRANCE that will be hard to resist.

Only: $35.00

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New Releases

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