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Hypnotized into Obsession

Length: 58 minutes
Category: Brainwash-Mind Control--Extreme Hypnosis

When you began listening to My files, you didn’t think it was possible to be enslaved. It started off as a game, an indulgence, a new way to get hard and aroused. Now some time has passed, and your little fling has turned into an addiction. you think about Me. you dream about Me, and you lust after Me.

But, have you TRULY EVER felt OBSESSION...I mean HYPNOTIZED so deeply that IMPLANTING a simple SUGGESTIVE image into your mind to the point that it's PERMANENT...

Have you ever heard the expression "you can't un-see that".

Giggles!!!! After listening W/we will play a game....are you up to it!?
This is a COMPULSION... be a good boy and listen to My sweet, domineering voice. Do as you are told, and you’ll be rewarded.

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Only: $30.00

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Shelle’s Playground—PMT - PMT PMT PMT Trigger Shelle’s Playground—PMT $15.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—PMT
Shelle’s Playground—PDH - Surrender Trigger PDH PDH PDH Shelle’s Playground—PDH $15.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—PDH
Shelle’s Playground—CD - Surrender Trigger CD CD CD Shelle’s Playground—CD $15.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—CD
Shelle’s Playground—R - Surrender trigger RRRRRR Shelle’s Playground—R $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—R
Shelle’s Playground—Y - Surrender Y - listen and OBEY. Shelle’s Playground—Y $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—Y
Shelle’s Playground—T - Trigger T T T T T T Shelle’s Playground—T $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—T
Trigger T Tribute - Trigger T tribute to your Domina. Trigger T Tribute $5.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Trigger T Tribute
Shelle’s Playground—L - L is for... giggles Shelle’s Playground—L $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—L
Shelle’s Playground—E - E is for whatever I choose... Shelle’s Playground—E $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—E
Shelle’s Playground—G - GGGGGGG Trigger Shelle’s Playground—G $10.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Shelle’s Playground—G