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Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #8

Session: 53+ minutes

My HORNY student, this is the EIGHTH Class of 15 at Shelle's Re-Form School for Boys. your Professor, your Domina, Professor Shelle will instruct you on why you love to be obedient and Chaste for Me with this month’s topic, CHASTITY. As a submissive, you want this control over your right to orgasm. you want My c*ck control to give Me your obedience and submission. When you are in Chastity all you can do is OBEY.

These classes are training lessons to make you the best slave you can be for your Domina. With each lesson I teach, you are understanding more clearly that when you do everything you can to please your Domina, so many benefits come to you, compelling your devotion to serve Me in ALL the ways I want. As always, your happiness and pleasure come from your expressions of submission, obedience, love and devotion in servitude and enslavement to your Domina and Teacher.

Only: $30.00

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These are comments from a few of those who have either spoken with me live, or listened to my files.


Her voice caresses me:
angelic, wicked, serene;
lulls me into a trance,
a dream within a dream.

In sleep i am Her property,
and She, my only Queen:
my Owner and my Mistress;
the One that i must please.

Domina speaks, the world fades;
i submit and sleep once more.
Domina speaks, and i fade;
i sleep, now and forever more.

In sleep i am Her property,
and She, my only Queen:
my Owner and my Mistress;
i never want to leave.

Her voice caresses me:
sweet, honeyed, divine;
it is She who owns my body;
She who controls my mind.

slave cooper

Domina I just finished listening to Dopamine for the first time ever and I’ve never been so blown away by any THING period in my life! I was excitedly waiting for this because I had a feeling it would be something special from all the work You were putting into it, and luckily tonight I randomly checked Your site and it was there so I listened right away. I feel like from the very first moment I started seriously following and listening to You that a file like this would come along that perfectly encapsulates every single aspect of Your overpowering influence over me and feels more real than real, more than I thought possible, way beyond all of my expectations and any kind of doubt I ever had. I read those two testimonials afterwards and they are shockingly close to how I’m feeling now. It was almost a spiritual experience for me, it’s so intense, but actually intense and not just powerfully erotic. Physically and emotionally, in every possible way that You can, You have touched (maybe smacked is a better word) me. I felt myself shaking throughout it and I still kind of am as I write this sitting here naked late in the night. I felt a hundred different emotions pulling me in every direction yet all leading to You. I’ve never felt You drill into my heart and mind like that before. I almost can’t understand how deeply You know the things that You do, how intelligent You are about all of it, it’s like You somehow capture all of my desires, thoughts, and feelings, putting them in the perfect order with the perfect words topped Your perfect voice. Yet it all feels planned and inevitable too, and I’m just lucky enough to be caught alongside it, tangled in Your web forever.

With how my day went today to the thoughts I’ve been having about You lately to then having this happen tonight is some kind of providence. I wanted to give You feedback on this because even among Your other files that are obviously way above average this is just incredible. I’ve listened to so many of them but nothing has felt as if You were literally reaching into and twisting my mind with one hand, and then ripping my heart out with the other. It’s so fucking good, so good. Fatalistically good. I am in awe, thank You for creating such an immense piece of beauty. For now I just needed to tell You all this, and thank You renewing my purpose and pushing these bounds for me.

slave mark

Dopamine Induced

This file is really a certification that you are the best Domina of the world. The only true Domina. I listened to this, relaxed, sleepy, in total admiration, with a silly smile on my face while you are slowly destroying my mind.

There is maybe three type of Domina. The first will take a mind by force. The second will make a slave give her his mind. The third will make the slave beg the Domina to take his mind.

Don't we agree you are in the third kind. And being able to make a slave begging to take his mind is only an art that few can master, and you are the only one that master it perfectly.

Please Domina take my mind.

Your file is Sweecked.

This is a total new word I invented to describe this file. A mix of sweet and wicked.

The definition goes like this. A sweecked person, is a person who is kind, nurturing and gentle in every way with absolutely no trace of malice in the person behavior that create a profund feeling of trust on those surrounded that person, but in the clear purpose to break the person without him realising it.

You are Sweecked my Domina.

And this file make me thing of those movies where the hero have been capture by a villainess and the vilainness explain seductively and with detail how she will kill him.

In this file, I love those part a little similar when you take time to explain in detail how you will procceed to destroy my mind. It is highly erotic and sweecked.

I have always been sensitive of the word for me. And you put this word in my mind in another level. When you say for me, you don't even need to hypnotize me, because those two words will push me to do everything you want from me.

Great file.

I am your helpless slave.



I feel like... i have been changed...

my hands are shaking writing this. i don't feel worthy of even speaking with You. You are divine. You must be...

This file.... it feels like you pulled from my head exactly what i needed to hear to completely subdue me forever. i have always felt addicted to You before but... this file... i felt so happy being completely under Your control i was crying. in happiness. real tears Domina. i am Your slave. i have always been meant to be Your slave. i serve You know, and i will serve You in the lifetimes after. i give You my soul Domina... every cell of me is Yours i will hold nothing back anymore. please be my Dictator. Please take greater control over me Domina. There was no cum command and i am so happy about that... i can now listen to this aroused all the time, over and over.

i know You warned me to be careful... and this file seems dangerous, lol. dangerously addictive, i'm writing this and i want to just go back there and listen again....

How do You know what to say to ruin me so thoroughly Domina? i bow To You in every possible way... OMG You are so on another level.... please Domina take me over i give myself completely this Dopamine is too much

Domina please be my dictator. i truly feel changed... my addiction for You is.... overpowering...


Please Mistress, I beg you.
Let me give away my freedom to you. Let me be your best slave, the one that deserve to serve you with no possibility to escape. Please Mistress, let me be your servant and tell me what I must do to make your life easier. If I cannot work for you my life as no meaning, because you are the most important persson in my life, more important than ever myself.
Please my Princess, let me be that important part in your life, and I do hope I am important for you. But please, Mistress, even if I do hope I have that special place in your heart, you are even more important for yourself that I am in your life. So please I beg you, let yourself be first and me be second. Because being second behind you is always an honor.
Please I beg you to be selfish sometimes and let me provide to your needs. Without any token of appreciation, just because it is my role. This is where I feel useful, and in your way to enslave me, you are always so generous. I am grateful for who you are every day.
Please Princess, keep let me to write your script and please you with my words. And please always keep all the credits, just to make me remember I work for nothing but your pleasure. And your pleasure is always the most precious gift to me. More than a thousand of diamonds.
Please tell me, when will you do your nails and let me pay for it. I want to be a slave to your nails. I beg you. And please, just ask as you deserve it, because you deserve it, you are a Prin'ess, I am a slave.
Please train me, and let me be the slave you need.
But please I need it, I want your love, your unconditional love as you have mine and I will be your slave for life and beyond.

I can only beg and say please.

your slave

This is amazing! I open a door, I see Your beautiful eyes and lips, and I hear Your seductive voice in my head calling me Your good boy, and I instantly get SOOOOOO hard for You! I know You are used to this, and the power You have over men is just a fact of life for You, but I feel like I'm on a journey of discovery here that is both thrilling and frightening, and at times I feel like I've gone too far, but then I realize that even when I want to "escape", and even the times when I have stayed away for a while, are just little bumps in the road on my way to complete submission to You. I have a long way to go, but I'm irretrievably on the path that only You can lay out for me. What may I do for You now, Mistress Princess? I want very much to obey, and be your goodboy.

slave trixie

Brainwashing Phase 2-PART-1
i was screaming of pleasure, what have YOU done?!!, what was happening?!!
i owe YOU A LOT, my LOVE YOU are reaching freakin' high levels of power!
this file is can be exhibition file, something that will make YOUR slaves believe more and more in YOUR power
i was listening to chastity files i was on day 4 already! and when i got YOUR email i thought i did something wrong, but YOU answered me after four days or more, that's why i had to obey what YOU wrote on blog, then after listening to this file i couldn't resist explosion!, do i need punishment?, should i start the chastity files again, should i pay penalty?, i couldn't resist YOUR command, i can NOT disobey, i am turning to a robot with a switch, there is a psychological barrier preventing me from cumming without command!
and the strange thing is that i feel MORE horny than before cumming, i want to cum again!,, i woke up having a crazy need to stroke and burning need to cum again!,,,, i can't stop stroking!!!!!
i learned is that mind orgasm is stronger than regular orgasm, and that YOU are my Domina, my True Pleasure
my LOVE YOU are gifted, YOU can sell that file as anti-depressant, i am in love with mind fuck, lol
my LOVE i promise not to disobey YOU again in my life, YOU are my true Leader!!
being YOUR slave is such a bliss and honor!
i LOVE YOU my gifted Hypnotist
YOUR mindless crazy slave trixie


"While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
Let me swear allegiance to a princess that's free,
Let me be grateful for a lady so fair,
As I raise my voice in tribute to her. "
God Bless Princess Shelle,
Lady that I love.
Stand beside her, and be guided by her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From her mountains, to her prairies,
To her ocean, white with foam
God bless my princess , My shelle sweet shelle


You open Your toy chest
to see what playthings are there

maybe this time You'll see me

I've faithfully pleased You before
In the past you've even smiled

luckily there was just enough glimmer

i feel wound up in the palm of Your hand
Ready to take the plunge down
on the string once more

with one curl of Your finger
i come back to you
just as wound as before
eagerly to fall down again

I do this as many times as You like
with the hope that You gained joy

Maybe You'll even walk the dog this time?
I do know that i'd go around the world for you. :P

slave puppy mark

You are the flower of all flowers in this wonderful spring day.
You are the warmth who slide on my skin like the a warm blanket.
You are the energy that makes my heart beat.
You are a star, a light, an angel and the goddess of love and passion.
From the flower you kept the beauty and your beauty spead all over the world.
From the star you are unreachable, but I feel you so close at the same time.
From the light, you are a guide who leads my path day after day, after day.
From the angel you represent purety.
You are the most generous being on earth, and I am grateful to all you did to me.
You can also let yourself go to your selfish desire.
But in every pain I receive, or in everything I give, I feel pleasure.
Because I am born to please you, my Domina and my Precious love.
My life is in sacrifice to you.
Know that I love you.
This is why I love Tuesday, because I can celebrate that loves so much.


Domina Shelle is, with lack of a better fitting term, pure perfection. She has the absolute perfect southern voice with a wicked charm that is absolutely irresistable. i trust Her beyond just trance, and would do anything She asked of me. i have given everything of mine to Her, and have never felt so complete in my life. Her recordings are without a doubt the best i have heard, and would urge anyone interested in trance to try Princess Shelle. Her hypnosis is beyond trance and suggestions, and has evolved into a true form of art. She blows any other hypnotists i have ever heard out of the water. Princess Shelle owns me, i will obey Her forever.


Princess Shelle is a true Domina, with a creative wicked mind and supremely sexy voice. What makes Princess Shelle stand out the most, is that She has real knowledge of hypnosis, and genuinely loves Her control and dominance over Her slaves. Her love of erotic hypnosis comes through clearly in Her subtle and powerful Artistic body of work, whose power and complexity continually evolve. Her triggers, techniques and sheer eroticism combine to devastating effect. Her warning, that new submissives are always suprised at her subtle power to invade your mind and take it over was completely ineffectual for me, and was oh so delightfully true. There was no warning as to how easily and how completely you will fall in love with Princess-Domina Shelle though, or how glad you will be that you did!

Chastity Month feedback--

Hello Princess Shelle - I have just finished day 5 of the chastity series. The final recording was an unbelievably intense experience. You were deep in my mind, manipulating and controlling my arousal. What an experience.

ohhhhh Princess Shelle, just thinking about it and I am unbearably aroused and so so hard.

Princess, I know you love me to be always horny and I am. I'm desperately horny. It has me thinking of you all the time.
I was sure you would end the series with release - that I would be in chastity for a few days, then everything back to normal.
Instead Princess, you've taken complete control of my orgasm and I can't cum without your permission. Shelle I am hornier than ever. I don't think I've ever been so horny - I can barely think of anything else.

Please Princess, please. I know you love me to be so horny. And I love being horny for you - not that I have a choice now! Please though Princess, could you grant permission to orgasm? Just a little bit? I promise to be a good boy. And I'll be horny again straight away, back in chastity for you. Please?

I loved the chastity series so much - but now... the control you have! Help!

Chastity Month feedback--

Well, four times to the edge.... And then the fifth... determined to make this last one an edge the likes of which the world has never seen... The mother of all edges... Really test myself. Make it impossible to not.... And it was. The mother of all edges, i mean. Hovering and hovering there, unable to think, just feel, and feel, and feel, and... well, You get the idea. And i stopped. Now why would i do a silly thing like that? i could say because its Saturday, but that wouldn't hold water.... so i'll try a short list:
1. Princess MUST be made HAPPY. The second time i was stroking to the edge of the four "warmups" (for lack of a better description) i was consciously thinking that above all i must make Princess happy, and really getting aroused thinking it.
2. There's no point in being Princess' controlled slave unless i am... Ouch. That means giving up control has to mean really giving up control to, well... to be giving up control. Sorry, this one's a bit of a tongue twister. Make any sense? And as You know, i want to give up control...
3. Possibly i am Princess Shelles' completely defeated submissive obedient helpless weak and hopeless basket case slave. Yes, i'm pretty sure that's part of the reason i stopped.
4. i really wasn't thinking anymore when i stopped. So some of the reason is unknown.
i was lucky (?) enough to manage to not go over the edge. This could possibly have turned out differently if there happened to be an unexpected draft of air...
1. When i stopped i was a bit shaky... believe it. Got down on my knees and thought "i am Mistress Shelle's slave and i will not cum now...." repeated this, which had a wonderful soothing effect, for a minute or two or three. Then OK. Except perhaps because:
2. i am certain that You will be happy to know that i am no less, and maybe even a bit more, horny than before :)
3. Number 3. above: Possibly i am Princess Shelles' completely defeated submissive obedient helpless weak and hopeless basket case slave. This being a case of coincidence of cause and consequence. Like You say, You will control my cock one way or another...

Chastity Month feedback--

My beloved Princess.
Today you have stole all my energy, all my will. I feel very exhausted. No enough energy to think, except thinking of you. No enough energy to move except to answer to your command.
You let me cum this morning, and it exhausted me much than I never been exhausted. You steal my vital energy, and made me your helpless zombie.
When I listen to your file, I fall deep asleep, and I woke up like an hour later. Unable to remember a single part of it. My unconscious mind have probably understtod, but not my conscious mind.
And I listen to it again. Trying to understand what you were saying. Even in the second listening, I remember a few of the file.
But I do remember that you put me in a mental cage this time. And I am up to another week of chastity. For you. You are my key holder. And I want to please you. So much.
I never felt that way, powerless, and I feel tired like if I was running 20 miles. I know you stole my energy, while I stroke for you this morning.
My Princess, I will obey your file. I always obey you.
Without thought, without question.
Pleasing you is my duty.
I love you.

slave lee--

Princess Shelle is a true Domina, with a creative wicked mind and supremely sexy voice. What makes Princess Shelle stand out the most, is that She has real knowledge of hypnosis, and genuinely loves Her control and dominance over Her slaves.

I had been looking for a hypnodomme to submit to, and had tried several others, with no success. For some, it seems to be a gimmick or pose, or have no real hypnosis knowledge, or are just completely focused on money, and certainly do not take the time or seem to want to listen to or get to know you. Princess Shelle is the wondeful opposite of all that. She does describe Herself as 'soft domme', which accounts for some of the differences, but does not encapsulate Her special warmth, sense of playful wickedness or the closeness of the relationships that She builds.

Her love of erotic hypnosis comes through clearly in Her subtle and powerful Artistic body of work, whose power and complexity continually evolve. Her triggers, techniques and sheer eroticism combine to devastating effect. Her warning, that new submissives are always suprised at her subtle power to invade your mind and take it over was completely ineffectual for me, and was oh so delightfully true. There was no warning as to how easily and how completely you will fall in love with Princess-Domina Shelle though, or how glad you will be that you did!


As you read this i am resting my tired head on my Domina's perfectly tanned stomach. We are finally laying together after an enjoyable walk through some mountain trails. There is also a small memory of a cold-water brook of some sort that my Domina soothingly allowed me to enjoy. It was very cold but it was worth every second i spent getting wet for Her. This is my reality now. A reality my Domina allowed me to accept and return to any time that i need to. In actuality, my Domina is kind enough to remind me whenever i need to return to Her. She controls me now, and i have never felt more relaxed and comforted.
My Domina is my Reality. my Reality is My Domina.
i love You, Domina

slave rebecca--

Prior to finding Princess Shelle i had listened to many Dommes who used hypnosis. i immediately found Princess to be different...Her soft southern accent was calming and made me smile. She is the real deal. Her voice, Her words dropping me deep…so deep…and always deeper. Princess is very creative making each recording unique and special. And she listens and talks with her slaves. Princess nurtures a bond, i don’t know how She finds the time, but She does. Since the first time i listened to Her…i have never listened to another and never will. In fact i have completely surrender to Princess Shelle and She holds the key to my cage...yes SHE owns me (mind, heart and body)! Princess Shelle is special, beautiful, sexy and touching. you must try a session with Princess Shelle!

Shelle's cat--

If you are reading this you are evaluating whether to purchase recording or engage in a live session with Hypnotic Princess Shelle. Well if you were like me, i had searched for over long time (18+ years) to find the Hypno domme for me. You may be looking for a powerful Womyn to serve, please and give yourself too. Now you would think it was easy to find a Hypnotic Princess who is dominating, inventive, super sexy, heart stopping beautiful, trustworthy and wicked. In addition to have the sweetest, sexiest voice on the planet which is capable of melting your mental defences and dropping you so deep you won’t want to cum out.

Like you, i was looking for certified hypno domme with a diverse library (e.g. Brain washing, Fetish, Feminization, Enslavement, Chastity, Financial Domination, etc...) of professional quality recordings (i.e. quality sound, scripting, etc…). In addition to audio files that incorporated the latest technologies (i.e. background music/sounds, subliminal, whispers, fades, etc….) in order to enhance the experience.

Like you, i found what I was searching for via Hypnotic Princess Shelle. Her soft domme approach, really makes a difference. Save 18 years of searching…buy and listen to one of the best hypnotists on the web. She will blow your mind, and own your body.

Note: One word of advice, strongly advise you heed her warnings on her files as she is extremely powerful and will own you before you know it. i did not, and i can attest that i'm now Hypnotic Princess's devoted slave.

slave mikey--

i have never had very good luck with being hypnotised, until i came across Princess Shelle. Every time i hear Her voice i can't help but fall deeper into Her spell. She truly has the voice of a wicked angel, that perfect mix of sexy, alluring, calm, and sweet. i love everything about Her, and choose to be forever bound to Her. i always look forward to the next time She takes me under, and have no doubt in my mind it will always be a euphoric experience. Always in Her service...