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Length: 27 minutes + Assignment
Category: Chastity LOCKDOWN

This POWERFUL HYPNOTIC session will LOCK you up, leaving you unable to c*m, unless you have My permission. My MENTAL lock is much STRONGER than any chastity device.

you simply will not c*m until I give you permission. you may try and try, but, the harder you try the HARDER you get, the more impossible it will be for you to c*m without My permission. I own that cock, haha.

One day you will thank Me for this…giggles…I love your pressing hard against that cage, all locked up...and you love being hard.

Week 1 Chastity Assignment Included.

Only: $20.00

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My Prisoner

Post Auction/ Bondage file

My sissy slave, I’m dressing you up to look your very best. Be sure to give Me your review for FORCED FEMME, so I know where I’m taking you next time.


Forced Femme

Thought Control

Sleep Perchance to Dream

My puppy, have you been enjoying your sleep, lately? Now while you sleep, you will always be dreaming of your Domina, waking up aroused as My obedient submissive. Maybe you go to sleep touching yourself and enjoying the new pleasure of sleep. My Sleep Trigger keeps you thinking of Me all day long, just what I wanted.




My pet, you bring your Princess such pleasure with your reaction and feedback to being kept in Chastity. I have so many opportunities to play with you, to tease, deny and take control….to keep you hard and desperate. Such a good boy. If you are not already committed to Me in Chastity and want to explore the possibilities, remember My invitation to email Me about your interest in being horny for Princess.


Remembrance and Chastity

I want to say something about the importance of My Mother in My life. I have been thinking about Her and the influence She had and continues to have on who I am. This week is the anniversary of Her untimely death at such a young age. Take a moment and think of your Mother or loved ones and feel grateful to have them.


Finally a Finale


Have you enjoyed the ride, My puppy? Imagine you are on a roller coaster and I’ve brought you to the top of the ride, so very, very high. And now you are set to plunge down deep, so Hard and fast. Will you make it safely to the bottom without crashing out?

It’s scary because it’s Hands Free and you can’t hold on.....Oh, My....