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Sweet Manipulation

Session Length: 46 minutes

My puppy, I know you try so HARD to think of Me every day, listening to My sessions as time permits, and fantasizing about Me when you get those occasional erotic urges to submit and surrender to a dominant deviant Woman with the power to manipulate your submissive mind.

I also appreciate that sometimes My pets are so TIRED from the day that when you do listen to My sessions, to RELAX or escape into My world of erotic submissive bliss, you find yourself increasingly falling asleep, waking afterwards refreshed and aroused but secretly wondering if My sessions are as powerful as you once believed. I understand how and why this doubt creeps into your mind so I am here to help you realize the TRUTH of My control and why My hypnotic brainwashing, and its ability to influence your daily life, is both substantive and REAL!

In this session I will use My sweet manipulation to demonstrate what a skilled hypnotist can do with a prepared and, possibly, skeptical subject. I know you want to TRUST in Me and with your support I will exercise to help to maximize your potential by promoting the benefits of a full night of RESTFUL sleep. Each day you will awake invigorated, energized, with increased incentive to please your Domina, supporting Me in all My endeavors, and viewing Me more and more as a positive (sexy) role model in your life. (Giggles)

Yes, My horny and aroused pet, I am here to take care of you and with My expert guidance you will FORGET about your worries and ACCEPT that obedience to Me is your one true pleasure, and importantly Domina knows best...

Only: $35.00

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Malleable Mind


When you look up the definition of “malleable”, you find descriptions of what My voice and words do to your conscious and subconscious mind, willingly becomes suggestible, pliable, susceptible, compliant. With Malleable Mind your mind is like a malleable lump of clay being worked with My sexy slender DOMINANT fingers...My CRIMSON red fingernails, so sexy.... I am molding, shaping and training to be most suggestible, pliant, susceptible and compliant to ANYTHING I may choose to suggest, just like My puppy always dreams of happening. That’s why you Willingly surrender.

Research done on manipulation and suggestion concludes that most feelings, thoughts and behaviors are the results of a suggestion taken as an instruction or command from a powerful and trustworthy source, such as your very own Domina Shelle. Let’s test the power of My suggestions. I have a little surprise for you at the very end, I’ll know what you choose with the acknowledgement you send Me. What could that mean, My puppy? ~giggles~ Let’s see.


Have you become more obsessed with thoughts of your Domina. Addicted to Me, My voice, My brainwashing? Are you yearning to please Me and spend even more time with Me? I thought so. I have this fun assignment for you. Something I’ve been curious about. Have you ever wondered exactly how much time W/we spend together? And just how you spent that time, My addicted puppy? you want to be a part of My life, to be with Me and have Me as a part of yours. This is how you can make it happen.

Domina's Time Share Assignment is a 7 day assignment. I bet that W/we will BOTH be shocked with the OUTCUM. Don’t miss it!


Contracted, in My continuing effort to make you more productive on My behalf, I’ve been encouraging you to think about your story, or a fictional slave fantasy for posting on SFS. I have a SIGN UP now to slave Stories for you to submit your story to Me, whenever you have it written. I will send your story to you before posting it. I will be adding new stories over time on SFS in its new separate location, so this SIGN UP will be open and available for whenever you are ready. This is one way to work for your Domina and have fun doing it. If you currently don’t have access to My special SlaveForShelle site and are interested, contact Me with SFS in the heading.


Challenge to Please. Thanks for your wonderful contributions and continued support through Challenge to reach My 2018 goals. you’ve gotten Me off to a good start for My savings. As a reward for supporting Me, I want you, right now, to unzip your pants and take “IT” out.... Now think of the pleasure of serving your Domina...... and as My c*ck gets hard, you may stroke it for Me for 5 minutes, nice and slowly, up and down....Then put it away or contact Me and beg for release. I love it when you beg and c*m for ME! What I do for you, My puppy. ~giggles~


When this year started, I promised to deepen your sense of enslavement and servitude that enhances your experience when you listen to My file sessions. All your feelings and sensations are intensified the stronger your need for submission and obedience. Part of your training involves having your Domina “Manage” more things for you. I’ll explain more about some ideas I have for you.

Next week’s session is a MYSTERY for now.

SPRING SALE ends at midnight--April 12th, EDT... you lucky slave, you stocked up. MIND FUCK HEAVEN!

Make sure to check special deals ...

PS---REFRESH on your Playground Triggers---Surrender time around the corner. This will be a test...