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Panty Raid - The Session

Be ADVISED---if you are offended by "XXX HYPNOTICA" do not listen. This is UP and CLOSE!

My horny love puppy, this session is a very important step in your journey of submission. W/we already know how irresistible My voice is and how much I enjoy nurturing our special D/s bond, so to keep Me FIRMLY in your mind, at ALL times, I will implant another powerful fetish in your submissive psyche so that craving My control becomes the core of your existence. (Giggles)

Imagine a scene where you are kneeling at My feet, feeling submissive and aroused, with an insatiable yearning to worship and please your Domina. Now fantasize what it would be like to kiss and caress My stunning sun-kissed body as I whisper in you ear to start with My sexy painted toes and My beautiful arched feet. Lost in devoted adoration you are soon worshiping My toned legs moving steadily upwards, subconsciously aware you are moving towards My temple and your ultimate fantasy. Delirious with pleasure My silky soft panties are all that separate your lips from mine, warm, wet and waiting for your embrace... Hmmmmm

I won't reveal more details My puppy because there's no fun in that but let's just say you will find yourself helpless and vulnerable resistance as I do what I want inside your brain. In fact, with repeated listens, your need to feel, taste, smell and see My scent infused panties when listening to My voice, will become an obsession, hopelessly addicted to recapturing this intimate portrayal of utter subservience and submission to your Domina.

So, My puppy, immerse yourself in this latest erotic offering and allow Me to both tantalize and tease ALL of your senses binding you ever more closely to Me and My total dominion of you!

Only: $35.00

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The Unethical Therapist - Addiction

The Unethical Therapist - Addiction

Length: 37 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control

Please take a seat on my white leather couch while I review your history notes. As you may already know I'm Dr. Shelle Rivers, I'm a certified therapist and hypnotist specializing in the field of Behavior Modification, Disorders/Obsessions and fetishes. In plain English, a fetish is a sexual behavioral or obsession that is focused on body parts and/or inanimate objects to achieve sexual gratification and satisfaction. Now let me first reassure you that having one or more fetishes is completely NORMAL and forms a natural part of sexual behavioral, particularly for those with a more submissive mindset, like yourself.

However, there is a risk that without careful monitoring by specialists, like Me, this can beCUM a craving, a disorder that adversely affects your ability to function in sexual and social relationships leading to situations where sexual gratification and AROUSAL is impossible without the object(s) of fascination, like in your case the feet of powerful sexy dominant Women. Why not stare at My feet NOW while I continue to review your notes, it will help you relax and allow your mind to FOCUS more completely on My words and My very impressive credentials. (giggles)

As I was saying, I have extensive experience treating situations such as yours and thankfully for you I'm particularly interested in your case given your history of, shall we say, extreme submissive tendencies. Because sexual fetishism is considered to be a extremely HARD psychological disorder to treat I have found that my unique and, some may say, unorthodox therapeutic techniques are undeniably effective. I know some of my peers refer to Me as the Unethical Therapist, a trade joke of course (laugh), but I always develop positive long lasting relationships with My patients and per My reviews all of my patients LOVE and ADORE what I do for them, just like what I'm doing for you now with My feet, don't you agree?

I see you do agree by the growing STIFFNESS in your pants, so why not settle down on My couch and keep staring at My sexy feet while I continue to explain the many benefits of My therapy. I'm sure by the end of this session you will agree with everything I'm telling you... (giggles)

Price: $30.00

Femdom Hypnosis - The Unethical Therapist - Addiction