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Gift of Love - $25

These tributes are to be used:
for a personal love contribution to your Mistress Owner,
as a sign of your service and devotion,
in thanks and appreciation for Owner’s love and attention.
as a sharing with Mistress of benefits you have received,
for having permissions granted,
for redemption from disobedience.

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Nothing More Nothing Less


Length: 33 minutes

In this session, I will do nothing at all. you will feel NOTHING, you will remember NOTHING at all. So sexy when you allow Me inside your mind, even when I tell you NOTHING at all. Giving up control to your TRICKY and Manipulating Domina has never been so sexy...I do wonder if NOTHING will cause severe swelling between your doesn't matter, your pleasure will be your submission to a POWERFUL and DOMINANT woman.

Unzip your pants and enjoy a deep HYPNOTIC's so simple to fall into trance when I manipulate you...A confused mind does sleep deeply. Listen now and no reason for you to try to remember...There is NOTHING to remember at all. ENJOY My sexy mind F*CK.

Price: $30.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Nothing More Nothing Less