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Farm Assignment Part 3

Supporting Domina’s Farm

Download the instructions. Take one week (7 days) to complete Part 3 of The Farm Assignment as I return to the family Farm in Tennessee. Make Me happy. With needed renovations for the Farm, your daily contributions will help Me pay these costs. I’ll be keeping you hard and horny as you go through each day of the assignment. This time I’ve added a TRAINING component to reinforce the pleasure of your service to Domina.

As you recall, this assignment includes multiple tasks for 5 individual days. Make sure you read it carefully and follow My instructions. Make adjustments if you have time restrictions or other limits. Do what you can. Each day there will be additional options available for My Chastity slave and My sissy. So Everyone will participate.

Each day you are to include the assigned payment for that day’s assignment to support The Farm. ($5 or $10)

Only: $10.00

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Length: 46 minutes + Loop file

A MIND fucking EXPLOITATION....Brainwashed....a soft, easy mind and BODY FUCKERY. SLIPPING, SLIDING...and POOF!!!! PROGRAMMED, as I believe is best for you. Impossible to think.


This session is your COMPULSION. It does NOT matter what it contains. you MUST listen now. The ONLY warning is that I will EXPLOIT your MIND. I will use MY POWER of PERSUASION and MY BRAINWASHING EXPERTISE to take you WHERE you are already consumed. EXPLOITED....MINDLESS OBEDIENCE....a COMPULSION!

FREE LOOP session included.

Price: $35.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Exploited