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Freedom To Submit

Length: 50 minutes x 2 versions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be so totally and utterly liberated that you are free to openly express the full extent of your submissive dreams and desires? I know you have and I suspect you have imagined the bewildering possibilities of being the real submissive you, savoring the pure joy of subservience and basking in the bliss of selflessly giving to another, one worthy of Your complete adoration, trust and respect - Me, Domina Shelle, your one TRUE Owner.

Well, My baby, in this session I offer an insight into the incredible experience of letting go completely, absolute FREEDOM to SUBMIT with no pesky thoughts or an over protective consciousness to deny you the addictive pleasure you clearly deserve. I will show you what it means to feel honored and privileged to serve, mindlessly accepting your rightful place at My feet with an obsessive craving to obey Me unquestioningly. This is pure unadulterated submission and its a sensation that once touched will never be forgotten.

But be warned, My puppy, this type of freedom CUMS at a price! To fully embrace your desires you need to acknowledge to yourself that hypnotic enslavement to Me is your future, and the sooner you learn to accept this fact the sooner you can experience the immeasurable pleasure of being free to submit. It's just a matter of time My slave and thankfully for you I'm here to train and guide you on this wonderful journey into obsession and addiction. (giggles)

***This session has subliminal messages that will be picked up ONLY by your subconscious mind.

Only: $30.00

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I am taking you with this week’s Power of Suggestion to the natural next level beyond last week’s SEDUCTION TRAP. you will feel the power of REAL HYPNOSIS paired with My suggestions, as I bring together your subconscious and conscious mind. While you are hypnotized in trance My words and Suggestions take on a real form that affect your conscious mind and body. They become a real part of your psyche and you internalize My suggestions. That is the increasing power I am able to exert over you, My slave. This makes you MINE and helpless to resist.

you surrender to the pleasure of My Suggestions until it becomes unbearable. Don’t worry My puppy.....In the spirit of Christmas I decided to be generous and take care of all your needs. And you choose the ending. I am soooo good to you. ~giggles~ Merry Christmas. you will LOVE this session. Oh, have you ever felt hands wrap around your...Oh, never mind. Let’s not spoil the secrets.


Christmas is a wonderful time of year..... Important for Me. There are many terrible and unhappy things going on around U/us. Let’s take the spirit of the season to express the values of love and generosity for family and friends close to U/us. Oh and for fun you are in the middle of My 12 Days of XXXMAS Assignment.

My priority for the generosity and appreciation you are feeling for your Domina this Christmas is My Challenge To PLEASE, if you need ideas. Giggles! If you want to know what I want from you for Christmas, just ask. Email Me and ask with For Christmas in the heading. But, if I know you, you already planned it well.

I work next weekend. But then I will be joining My family in the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains where they have a town all made up for Christmas.


The Health and Exercise program Monitoring is going so well with so many having signed up..... you like Me taking over more and more of your life, don’t you My puppy? It makes you depend on Me more and I know you appreciate that. And I am enjoying it too, seeing you commit yourself to this self improvement. It’s hard work. If you missed the Exercise LOOP it should be helpful for you to start. But let’s wait for after the holidays when I have more time for more Monitoring sign-ups.


you did so well last time I experimented with My BRAIN CHIP Implant. Be My guinea pig next week with a most desirable Implant that will keep Me right there in front of you. I guarantee NO hesitation this time. you’ll be looking at a “Code Red”!

I am writing My annual Christmas story which will be a gift for you.

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