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Sweet Manipulation

Session Length: 46 minutes

My puppy, I know you try so HARD to think of Me every day, listening to My sessions as time permits, and fantasizing about Me when you get those occasional erotic urges to submit and surrender to a dominant deviant Woman with the power to manipulate your submissive mind.

I also appreciate that sometimes My pets are so TIRED from the day that when you do listen to My sessions, to RELAX or escape into My world of erotic submissive bliss, you find yourself increasingly falling asleep, waking afterwards refreshed and aroused but secretly wondering if My sessions are as powerful as you once believed. I understand how and why this doubt creeps into your mind so I am here to help you realize the TRUTH of My control and why My hypnotic brainwashing, and its ability to influence your daily life, is both substantive and REAL!

In this session I will use My sweet manipulation to demonstrate what a skilled hypnotist can do with a prepared and, possibly, skeptical subject. I know you want to TRUST in Me and with your support I will exercise to help to maximize your potential by promoting the benefits of a full night of RESTFUL sleep. Each day you will awake invigorated, energized, with increased incentive to please your Domina, supporting Me in all My endeavors, and viewing Me more and more as a positive (sexy) role model in your life. (Giggles)

Yes, My horny and aroused pet, I am here to take care of you and with My expert guidance you will FORGET about your worries and ACCEPT that obedience to Me is your one true pleasure, and importantly Domina knows best...

Only: $35.00

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This week, let’s play with hypnosis and brainwashing in Full Access - Mind Manipulation. I have some warnings about the dangerous world out there. you need Me, so c*m for Me...Whoops! W/we did that. ~Giggles~ I mean come to your Domina, which is exactly where you want to be. Fall deep for Me. you need My protection from danger, stress and wicked ways. you’ll be safe and can trust Me. Feel the protection only I can provide. Don’t worry about falling deeper for Me, or kissing My lips, wanting to serve Me, or massaging My feet and obeying My every command and do My bidding. you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. you can trust Me to know what’s best for you.

you made Valentine a special Day for Me. Thank you. Let Me say it again. I never felt so much LOVE from you. you made Me very happy. To see your dedication was a great comfort especially for the two weeks I was VERY sick during the LOCKDOWN. you lifted My spirits. you know you have a special place in My life and in My heart as I can feel I do in yours. And now to build on all these feelings of being connected. you’ve learned that Chastity deepens your enslavement and servitude to your Domina.


you should have gotten My Valentine and LOCKDOWN gifts and rewards for taking such good care of your Princess. Contact Me if you did not get the GIFTS. Also, if YOU missed this Lockdown experience and want to understand what it’s all about, email Me with LOCK ME in the heading and I’ll have everything ready for you. Lockdown worked so well, you can count on LOCKDOWN 2 when the time is just right.


The PHOTO SHOOT went very well. As you spend more and more time with your Domina I am giving you something to think about. See how powerful your Domina can be, all the better to manage your servitude and enslavement. I have big plans for you, My puppy.

I expect to have My sexy Pictures ready and available very soon. I’m sure that you can’t wait to

I want to be sure if you sent a CHALLENGE gift and were NOT in LOCKDOWN that you get My present. I am still working on sending you My gift of Pleasure for Pleasing Me. If you don’t get it soon resend your email. Also, I will leave Valentine’s Challenge up a little longer if you’re thinking you haven’t done enough for your beautiful Domina. ~giggles~

Here is something you might have missed. A very easy way to really please Me by being helpful with My Volunteer Assignment, If you want to get closer to Me, then be available to do My bidding whenever I call on you.


We’ll get together again next week with a Brainwashing session just in time for My new PICTURES. Just imagine what the possibilities of your next addiction. Listening to My voice as your eyes devour your Domina.


My baby, there are so many terrible things going on in the world, that W/we should feel so fortunate to be safe and have people close to U/us for comfort during difficult times. I am asking your prayers for the families of all those needlessly killed and injured in this horrible shooting at one of O/our High Schools in Florida. And pray that W/we come to O/our senses.

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Catastrophic Events --
Cum and let My sweet sultry voice weave a hypnotic-spell over your enslaved mind. THIS FILE MAY CREATE AN IRREVERSIBLE ADDICTION.

Mind Absorption --
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Be prepared to experience what is possibly the deepest MOST hypnotic sleep that you have ever experienced....ONLY then will you know your TRUE place in this world...