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Twisted Cinderella

Length: 32 minutes
Category: Erotic Fantasy

What a TWISTED tale I have for you in this session. Taking you into a state of deep EROTIC trance has never been so easy and enticing. you will be lost in My seductive words, so enthralled in the story that you will be oblivious to its real intentions. Take My hand and follow Me on this journey into another world, My world of sexual foreplay, submissive craving and hypnotic domination. The perfect MIND TRICKERY... Follow My voice to a place where your fantasies and dreams all meet...playful eroticism and an ENCHANTING fairy tale of Cinderella, but not the one you recall as a little boy. Instead, meet her alter ego, the TWISTED Cinderella. The true untold story that will fill your dreams and captivate your vulnerable mind night after night, giving you nightmares of pure pleasure.

This is a favorite of MINE...Turned into a masterpiece. One that you will listen to over and over again. It will be like the book you just can't put down, the song that you cannot get out of your head.

Listen now, My sweet. Help this Damsel in DISTRESS, you may find yourself on your knees BEGGING for MORE.

I don't want to say more, I know that you love the element of SURPRISE.

SPOILER: SEXY Leather Boots~~~Giggles~~~

Only: $35.00

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My pet, are you thinking this is a trick I’m playing on you with Shelle’s Spring two-files-for-the-price-of-one SALE? No silly. It’s NOT part of your Savings Assignment where you would save money on a second file session of equal or lesser value and then send the SAVINGS to Me as part of your Savings Assignment. Wait, that’s not a bad idea. ~giggles~ Actually, I want to give you this chance to take a deep breath and have a relaxed look at My PMT options. Find something you may have missed in your favorite categories. Or look for something completely new in a more Dangerous category. Test your limits...Look at My descriptions and reviews for guidance. SEE! I keep telling you to Promote your Domina with the value of reviewing My mp3's. Buy one and email Me with you choice of a FREE session. (free session must be equal to or less than purchased) Example: Buy any 2 and get any two free....etc.

NOTE: Sale INCLUDES PACKAGE DEALS too. The sale ends when your Domina is ready, this could be 1 day, 2 days or more. I'll decide on that later.


you make Me very happy with your continued generous support. your Challenge to Please contribution this week pushes Me over the top for My first Retirement goal, but more importantly, I will get an early start for 2018 Retirement. I will continue to dedicate your tributes to My future financial security. I will be building up a savings account, finally saving for emergencies or just a rainy day. you are taking care of your Domina Shelle in this most Real, important way, securing O/our future together.


It was good to get away to Carowinds Amusement Park for a day off, especially after that last 3 day weekend. That’s another good reason to have MORE savings, to give Me options for working less, so more time with you, My pet. Contracted, I have added a second slave story on SFS. So, start to think about your story for Me. Write about something that reflects you.....that you want to tell Me. Write about wherever your imagination, fantasies take you. I’m giving you time to work on it, so take your time. In a couple of weeks I’ll have a SIGNUP for you, so you can submit your story. I will be adding new stories. I’ll post all of them and will send yours to you before posting it.

Volunteer Savings Assignment. This reminder. Keep up the good work. This is an assignment where you share with your Domina the savings on spending that I encourage you to make. I should hear from you at least once a month to get a status report on how your assignment is going. If you want to participate, you can find this Savings, under My Assignments.

And for next week, I’m going to keep you busy with an important 7 day assignment. It will help Me manage your future, My puppy.


I will return next week to your regular Re-programming. I will be molding your malleable mind with My needed suggestions implanted into your brain. So many things to have planned for you to do for your Domina.