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Twisted Cinderella

Length: 32 minutes
Category: Erotic Fantasy

What a TWISTED tale I have for you in this session. Taking you into a state of deep EROTIC trance has never been so easy and enticing. you will be lost in My seductive words, so enthralled in the story that you will be oblivious to its real intentions. Take My hand and follow Me on this journey into another world, My world of sexual foreplay, submissive craving and hypnotic domination. The perfect MIND TRICKERY... Follow My voice to a place where your fantasies and dreams all meet...playful eroticism and an ENCHANTING fairy tale of Cinderella, but not the one you recall as a little boy. Instead, meet her alter ego, the TWISTED Cinderella. The true untold story that will fill your dreams and captivate your vulnerable mind night after night, giving you nightmares of pure pleasure.

This is a favorite of MINE...Turned into a masterpiece. One that you will listen to over and over again. It will be like the book you just can't put down, the song that you cannot get out of your head.

Listen now, My sweet. Help this Damsel in DISTRESS, you may find yourself on your knees BEGGING for MORE.

I don't want to say more, I know that you love the element of SURPRISE.

SPOILER: SEXY Leather Boots~~~Giggles~~~

Only: $35.00

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Level: Strong
Length: 49 minutes
Category: Enslavement-Erotic
Sample: LINK

I want to remind you of who I am---not only your Princess-Domina----but the Woman who enjoys what We/we have between Us/us—one who cares for Her submissive slave and accepts the responsibility that comes with My complete power over you.

This file will take your love for ME, your desire for submission, and the reality of your complete surrender and mix all together into the most powerful concoction in the world---to create a perfect and willing slave for My pleasure.

Enjoy My sweet pet...Be MINE for ETERNITY!!!!

Price: $30.00

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