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Gift of Love - $25

These tributes are to be used:
for a personal love contribution to your Mistress Owner,
as a sign of your service and devotion,
in thanks and appreciation for Owner’s love and attention.
as a sharing with Mistress of benefits you have received,
for having permissions granted,
for redemption from disobedience.

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Shelle's Triggers - #6

Shelle's Triggers - #6

Level: Mild
Length: 11+ minutes
Category: Mind Control

File #6 of Shelle's Triggers: Snap.  you will activate My TRIGGERS without thought... ***GIGGLES***

In these series of files I will place triggers in your mind that will be regularly activated during your day to remind you of who owns you.

click and think of Me

Price: $10.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Shelle's Triggers - #6