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Length: 27 minutes + Assignment
Category: Chastity LOCKDOWN

This POWERFUL HYPNOTIC session will LOCK you up, leaving you unable to c*m, unless you have My permission. My MENTAL lock is much STRONGER than any chastity device.

you simply will not c*m until I give you permission. you may try and try, but, the harder you try the HARDER you get, the more impossible it will be for you to c*m without My permission. I own that cock, haha.

One day you will thank Me for this…giggles…I love your pressing hard against that cage, all locked up...and you love being hard.

Week 1 Chastity Assignment Included.

Only: $20.00

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This has always been my first love—entering your mind, and reprogramming you for my pleasure. It never gets old for Me and there are SOO many ways to do it and so many things with which to experiment.

The experience of brainwashing is addictive, and the more you listen to these files the softer your mind becomes, the more easily I enter, and the more readily you accept My training, until you simply obey, WITHOUT THOUGHT and WITHOUT QUESTION.

I should tell you that you may not notice yourself opening up more and more easily, and that at first you may not notice the growing impact and power of My suggestions and commands, but there comes a moment where you sit and say “damn -----Shelle owns me” and I know this is something you WANT to experience.

In this category, each of the files is independent—and rarely connects, one to the next. This means that you can roam around in here forever, NEVER get bored, and just know that My power is growing every time you listen.

I can’t even tell you My favorites, or the most popular—they seem to change all the time, depending on my mood. There are no clues as to where to start or where to follow—just many surprises, and the more you have fun in here the more fun I will have with you—so we BOTH get what we want—right?

Panty Addiction - Very erotic...brainwashed...Panty addiction. Panty Addiction $15.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Panty Addiction
Erotic Control - Rest - I bring together your mental bliss with physical pleasure... Erotic Control - Rest $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Erotic Control - Rest
Sleep Manipulation - I implant a permanent TRIGGER...making your resistance impossible. Sleep Manipulation $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Sleep Manipulation
Behavior Modification - Appreciation for ME - your submission is your COMPULSION... Behavior Modification - Appreciation for ME $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Behavior Modification - Appreciation for ME
Brainwashed III--Program 1 - Continue My path to perfect servitude and submission...Program 1 of My Phase III Brainwashing. Brainwashed III--Program 1 $20.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Brainwashed III--Program 1
Reflections in the Mind - your next COMPULSION. Very powerful Brainwashing and Behavior Modification...MIND FU*KING... Reflections in the Mind $35.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Reflections in the Mind
Catastrophic Events - C*m and let my sweet sultry voice weave a hypnotic-spell over your enslaved mind. THIS FILE MAY CREATE AN IRREVERSIBLE ADDICTION. Catastrophic Events $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Catastrophic Events
Subjugated zombie - Give me your MIND...see yourself BLANK, EMPTY, MINDLESS, a complete zombie. Subjugated zombie $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Subjugated zombie
Law Of Hypnosis - Confused, dazed and so horny. I have you Mind F**ked in so many ways're not even sure what is happening. you really don't care, do you? Law Of Hypnosis $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Law Of Hypnosis
Blanked - COMPULSION. Another step DEEPER into your MIND and into My control. Blanked $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Blanked