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Blank State of Mind

Length: 30+ minutes

My puppy, I am about to take you to a whole new level of HYPNOTIZED-BLANK-MINDLESSNESS to a place so deep that even if your conscious mind is resisting (Don't worry you will be too weak for that, I was kidding about your conscious mind resisting) your subconscious is still there, still listening, and it wants this to happen, and it's going to let it happen, even if your conscious mind tries to stray. Don't be silly.

THEN, when you are completely and utterly ENTRANCED (with your eyes rolled back into your head), I'll take you even deeper. I want you to imagine something for Me, you can do that can't you....I know you always do what I want. So just imagine what it will be like when mind goes completely and utterly blank. That's right. Completely and utterly BLANK and empty. IMAGINE, NOT a single thought of your own, you have no other thoughts in your mind, all you hear, all that exist in your mind is MY voice, My words, My TRIGGERS...My commands. Blanking out every other thoughts, every other action, everything else in the world. Imagine that! Imagine what it would be like to be VOID of everything else. This is where I am taking you...Prepare for the fall.

I love TRAINING you over and over and OVER again! Repetition is the LAW of your Domina and the LAW of Hypnosis.

Only: $35.00

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