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Freedom To Submit

Length: 50 minutes x 2 versions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be so totally and utterly liberated that you are free to openly express the full extent of your submissive dreams and desires? I know you have and I suspect you have imagined the bewildering possibilities of being the real submissive you, savoring the pure joy of subservience and basking in the bliss of selflessly giving to another, one worthy of Your complete adoration, trust and respect - Me, Domina Shelle, your one TRUE Owner.

Well, My baby, in this session I offer an insight into the incredible experience of letting go completely, absolute FREEDOM to SUBMIT with no pesky thoughts or an over protective consciousness to deny you the addictive pleasure you clearly deserve. I will show you what it means to feel honored and privileged to serve, mindlessly accepting your rightful place at My feet with an obsessive craving to obey Me unquestioningly. This is pure unadulterated submission and its a sensation that once touched will never be forgotten.

But be warned, My puppy, this type of freedom CUMS at a price! To fully embrace your desires you need to acknowledge to yourself that hypnotic enslavement to Me is your future, and the sooner you learn to accept this fact the sooner you can experience the immeasurable pleasure of being free to submit. It's just a matter of time My slave and thankfully for you I'm here to train and guide you on this wonderful journey into obsession and addiction. (giggles)

***This session has subliminal messages that will be picked up ONLY by your subconscious mind.

Only: $30.00

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Shelle's blog

NO QUESTIONS---just listen

I loved your response to My last blog.  I was asking if you would listen to My files if they had NO name and NO description.
I was a little shocked at your COMPLETE willingness to allow Me to do whatever I want inside your brain.  Not really shocked---but it did make Me HAPPY.


As you travel down the road with me, through submission and into total surrender, have you ever wondered how far we will go?  Or, where it will end?

I KNOW you have, it's only natural, and I receive emails every week that confirm this, asking Me to take control of EVERYTHING, as the trigger words that live so deep inside you change your thinking, your direction and your very lives.

Life's Little Bumps

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and how well we plan, life gets in the way, disrupting or redirecting our focus.

I had a few of these "disruptions" the past couple of weeks, so if I am less active, or slow in replying to your emails, please understand.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  Just another week of that school of "HARD KNOCKS".


Someone said something to Me recently and I quote "i'm singing a lot (not in good voice, but with happiness. my wife is feeling very good about me and i enjoy the benefits of that. and it is really, all YOU. i'm nice to everyone in my life, because i feel loving and happiness, which is what You have done."

Shelle's NAUGHTY story

Shelle was a bright and beautiful young woman. She was in her first semester of college at a very young age. She stood out to me on the first day of psych class because of her youthful appearance. It turned out that she graduated a year early with honors from her high school in Charlotte, NC. Shelle had natural beauty, long light brown hair, big brown eyes. She stood about 5’3 and couldn't’t have been more than 100 lbs. She appeared to be the sweet, young girl next door, but her eyes told a different story.



I wish you a most amazing WEEKEND.  I want Me in your mind all of the time.

UNZIP your pants and prepare to fall madly for your Domina/TEACHER of HYPNOTIC SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS..........Leading you to your final DESTINATION.  Get LOST NOW in MY VOICE!  Sleep deep within My BRAINWASHED and SUBMIT!

A Bunny's Tale

This is PERFECT timing for a story about BUNNIES.

Let me paint a picture in your mind. Last year while visiting with My sister in Tennessee, enjoying a beautiful summer day. We were sitting around a large picnic table, doing nothing in particular.

Final Destination


Have you noticed how your sweet sassy southern Princess has grown up and become your DOMINA--lol.
For those who always write wanting MORE-------the next few months will be YOUR time.

THE FARM Finally OPENING---This summer

For the moment there are three ways you can arrive at my FARM--the ULTIMATE DESTINATION for all committed followers.

Mistress of Minds

Just between us


Once you enter My world, your mind becomes "of two minds", the one you use every day, and the one where you obey Me, WITHOUT THOUGHT AND WITHOUT QUESTION.

For those who decide to permanently dedicate themselves to Me, (my PERFECT SLAVES), these two minds have melded, fused, and have become one again, where the prime focus of their lives is ME.

AND ---