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Length: 27 minutes + Assignment
Category: Chastity LOCKDOWN

This POWERFUL HYPNOTIC session will LOCK you up, leaving you unable to c*m, unless you have My permission. My MENTAL lock is much STRONGER than any chastity device.

you simply will not c*m until I give you permission. you may try and try, but, the harder you try the HARDER you get, the more impossible it will be for you to c*m without My permission. I own that cock, haha.

One day you will thank Me for this…giggles…I love your pressing hard against that cage, all locked up...and you love being hard.

Week 1 Chastity Assignment Included.

Only: $20.00

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Shelle's blog

The Mischievous Domina


I knew I was setting myself up for trouble by singling out a single nationality in last week's blog.  Howls of complaints, mainly from USA, Canada, Germany, France and Australia about My selecting the Brits to talk about last week.  I'll never do that again--LOL.


Domina's Updates

Transformation--(not just for sissies any more)

The first transformation file---(just listen---giggle) brought out a whole new group of fantasy/fetish ideas from all of you, from Mannequins to Furries to all sorts of things in between (a jester at the court of Queen Elizabeth---REALLY?????). ***Giggles***  Ohhh and a pair of panties---now---would they be PINK?


I promise that this week's blog will not put you in trance--well, unless just the idea of My written words has that much effect on you--lol.  Without My voice, you only have the written words to follow, allowing them to lead you wherever I choose.

I wonder which is the more powerful:

Read Carefully

When you begin to see words,
On a blank paper.
You began to read.
It may be a story.
Or an article,
when you begin to read
You fell captivated
Almost as if the words have
entrapped you,
entrapped in those words.
As you read now,
you become
A new world open for you.
And your old world disappears.
Only you, and the text.
alone with My words
My words.
My words so soothing.
So relaxing.


THE EXPERIMENT (and lessons learned and chastity)

Oh My Oh My Oh My--LOL
The month is going very, very well, as these first recruits go through their "boot camp".
I am very pleased with My slaves in training---well except for one who is not able to control himself---with every stroke he PAYS.


My friend and student Lady Helena now has a Niteflirt Account Lady Helena and will be taking calls (by appointment, and mainly mornings for now) starting on MONDAY.
Lady Helena also has Her first four files recorded, and until Her website is up and running, you can find them on NiteFlirt.  She will be adding photos and many other items soon.

Shelle's at the BEACH

HELLO from the Beach.
Spending time with family at the Beach --My last break until Thanksgiving.
Sooo, if I am a little slow responding, and maybe not quite as sharp, it's because I am taking full advantage of this break.
Next week it's back up to full speed, with promises of more surprises taking you ever deeper--yummy.
The Experiment group starts their Month on Sunday, and there are some really excited and some slightly anxious slaves waiting to begin.


Many of you now go into a light trance within seconds of hearing My voice--if this doesn't happen to you--yet, don't worry, it will happen--lol.
When I first started I wasn't sure if My voice sounded too young, or I needed to lose My Southern accent, or maybe My tone was too sweet--------but I soon found it was My strength--right Poppi--giggle.

Deja vu

Quick note---I received MANY Birthday presents that came through to Me without any name attached--and I understand-------If you have not received a thank you note from Me, PLEASE email Me, I really want to be able to thank you!
-------I know I teased you about this file a while back.  You will love this file---it's like deja vu ---Familiar but you just don't know why---have you ever felt that way?

You have spoiled ME