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Power Exchange

Length: 29 minutes

A Masterful Mind Fuck

“Power Exchange” is an instructional session about learning the right way to obey, to fall into trance with a soothing, arousing MASTERFUL COVERT induction.... Another spellbinding session that with some serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave. This session is POWERFUL and you will love the REINFORCEMENT techniques. you will find yourself blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of My web of EROTIC control. Admit it, that thought is incredibly SEXY, wonderfully DOMINANT and wickedly PROVOCATIVE to the submissive you! Open your BRAINWASHED mind to the possibility of relinquishing ALL control of your CLIMAX to Me, releasing only at My command. No, you silly boy, this is not Chastity where I control if/when you stroke and whether you CUM, this session is about training your subservient mind.

Now that may sound a bit scary but let Me assure you I have your best submissive interests at heart and you do want to C*M FOR MY PLEASURE, don't you? Just imagine the erotic pleasure of being conditioned to only crave release when you listen to My voice, blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of wanting and waiting for My command to RELEASE.

Tightening My dominion and authority over your sex adds to the control I have over all of you! With repeated training you will quickly realize that the right way to obey Me is effortless and automatic, understanding that My control pervades both your waking world and in the deepest of trances.

I offer you this incredible opportunity knowing that you will still retain the capability to sate your own hedonistic urges, cu*ming as often as you wish provided it is triggered by My voice. This is true unadulterated power exchange and with this control I will demonstrate the depths to which you will submit to My will. So, if you are still alarmed that this is some way related to Chastity, or another form of orgasm denial, it isn't. Those submissive perks CUM later in your training, silly boy. (Giggles)

Now prepare to surrender to this truth and allow Me to erase any doubts you may have about submitting further to My power, control and authority. Remember as you relax to the sound of My soothing voice that you TRUST Me and, as your last conscious thought flickers and fades away, know that I will be with you always...

NOTE: Good boys will listen to the file every night for 7 consecutive days and frequently thereafter until your only desire is to CUM at My command!

If you LOVED Law Of Hypnosis you will LOVE "Power Exchange".

Only: $30.00

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Shelle's blog

Queen Of Hearts

What I am THANKFUL for

To you---Those so important in My life---those of you who touch My life everyday---I want to touch yours today---I hope that when you read this you will feel it in your heart and know that I have written it for you!


I am always looking for reviews, suggestions, critiques, anything that will help Me put out better finished work.  It is good for both of us.  I am always looking to create better work and by producing better and different files you stay with Me and enjoy our time together even more.

As I continue to search for new and different ways to play with your mind, it is always helpful to have input beyond the obvious.


With all the news coming out about the problems inside the Miami Dolphins' locker room, there are two very different takes not only on what happened but on whether the mood or culture inside the club was positive and close, or totally dysfunctional. (if you are not from the US---look up Miami Dolphins bullying).

Back On Track---I think

Sometimes, though very rarely, I sit back and relax and let My own mind go blank, I can put Myself in a very light and gentle trance very easily, just using My own words and turning them inwards.  It is My form of meditation.

Last week I needed that down time after the wild, frenetic and exhausting energy created during the Experiment.  What an EXPERIENCE for ME.  Now it is back to work and My goals for the next few weeks.

Hypnotically WICKED weekend

I know you want Me-- I know how much I excite you and I also know that you are on the path to total surrender.  And, as always-- I am here to help--LOL

The Mischievous Domina


I knew I was setting myself up for trouble by singling out a single nationality in last week's blog.  Howls of complaints, mainly from USA, Canada, Germany, France and Australia about My selecting the Brits to talk about last week.  I'll never do that again--LOL.


Domina's Updates

Transformation--(not just for sissies any more)

The first transformation file---(just listen---giggle) brought out a whole new group of fantasy/fetish ideas from all of you, from Mannequins to Furries to all sorts of things in between (a jester at the court of Queen Elizabeth---REALLY?????). ***Giggles***  Ohhh and a pair of panties---now---would they be PINK?


I promise that this week's blog will not put you in trance--well, unless just the idea of My written words has that much effect on you--lol.  Without My voice, you only have the written words to follow, allowing them to lead you wherever I choose.

I wonder which is the more powerful:

Read Carefully

When you begin to see words,
On a blank paper.
You began to read.
It may be a story.
Or an article,
when you begin to read
You fell captivated
Almost as if the words have
entrapped you,
entrapped in those words.
As you read now,
you become
A new world open for you.
And your old world disappears.
Only you, and the text.
alone with My words
My words.
My words so soothing.
So relaxing.