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Malleable Mind

Length: 30 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control--Erotic Hypnosis

My deeply suggestible love puppy, do you have any idea how receptive and malleable your mind is to My control as you mindlessly surrender to My sweet sexy voice? Possibly you don't comprehend the enormity of your predicament as My progressive conditioning f*cks with your mind, eroding your will and indoctrinating the core of who you are. It's understandable you may be oblivious to your growing weakness, enslaved to My absolute authority, and brainwashed to express nothing but unconditional love and unquestioning trust towards your Domina. I'm so good to you... (kisses)

Awww My love slave, your deceptive and wicked Domina has beCUM the focal point of all yours desires, invading your dreams and monopolizing your fantasies. I have trapped you in an endless loop of obsession and addiction, forcing you to relinquish more and more power to Me, leaving you susceptible to My womanly charms and covert suggestions. Well in this session I will FURTHER explain, and then demonstrate, how the power of suggestion is used to control your behavior, feelings, thoughts and actions. you will learn that in the world of mental slavery, suggestions are nothing more than an illusion of free will.

But what's even more AROUSING is knowing, that despite what I have told you, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop Me - that's REAL POWER My baby!!! It's very likely just reading this description is making you HARD and HORNY for Me, realizing that I can render you totally powerless and defenseless to My will. My pet, now it is time to lay down and listen to My recording. I chose you as My subject.

A PERFECT follow up to Response Expectancy!

Only: $30.00

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