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Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #8

Session: 53+ minutes

My HORNY student, this is the EIGHTH Class of 15 at Shelle's Re-Form School for Boys. your Professor, your Domina, Professor Shelle will instruct you on why you love to be obedient and Chaste for Me with this month’s topic, CHASTITY. As a submissive, you want this control over your right to orgasm. you want My c*ck control to give Me your obedience and submission. When you are in Chastity all you can do is OBEY.

These classes are training lessons to make you the best slave you can be for your Domina. With each lesson I teach, you are understanding more clearly that when you do everything you can to please your Domina, so many benefits come to you, compelling your devotion to serve Me in ALL the ways I want. As always, your happiness and pleasure come from your expressions of submission, obedience, love and devotion in servitude and enslavement to your Domina and Teacher.

Only: $30.00

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The Journey - Control Chip 2 (REMASTERED) - The Journey--Control Chip 2 - Stronger REMASTERED Version. This is the second step in your journey to becoming a perfect slave for Princess. The Journey - Control Chip 2 (REMASTERED) $31.00 Erotic Hypnosis - The Journey - Control Chip 2 (REMASTERED)
The Journey - Control Chip 1 (REMASTERED) - Stronger REMASTERED version. This is the first of ten levels you will pass through in order to become MY perfect slave. The Journey - Control Chip 1 (REMASTERED) $31.00 Erotic Hypnosis - The Journey - Control Chip 1 (REMASTERED)
The Journey - An Introduction (Teaser) REMASTERED - The Journey series is for those who are prepared to dedicate themselves to me. This TEASER will give you a little glimpse of what comes later. The Journey - An Introduction (Teaser) REMASTERED $25.00 Erotic Hypnosis - The Journey - An Introduction (Teaser) REMASTERED
OBEDIENCE Training - Create a perfect and willing slave for My pleasure... OBEDIENCE Training $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - OBEDIENCE Training
Domina - You will know beyond certainty that I am a true Domina...I am your Domina. Domina $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Domina
Demon Inside - This file gives me access to the demons that live within you. Demon Inside $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Demon Inside
Collared Parts 1 & 2 - Feel my COLLAR and lose all CONTROL. Enjoy the ceremony and the collision between reality and fantasy. Buy both of my Collared Parts 1 & 2 together for a bulk price! Collared Parts 1 & 2 $50.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Collared Parts 1 & 2
Collared Part 2 - This file must be listened to after part 1 to be effective----as your collar becomes part of your life. Collared Part 2 $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Collared Part 2
Collared Part 1 - A simple but intense brainwash file, softening your mind and preparing you for your slave collar... Collared Part 1 $30.00 Erotic Hypnosis - Collared Part 1